Payment and shipment conditions

NGO Triatloniakadeemia (company code 80604924)


    1. Client can pay for their order through Montonio Finance OÜ
      1. Estonian bank links
        1. Swedbank
        2. SEB
        3. LHV bank
        4. Luminor
        5. Coop
      2.  Latvian bank links
        1. Swedbank
        2. SEB
        3. Citadele
        4. Luminor
      3. Lithuanian bank links
        1. Swdbank
        2. SEB
        3. Luminor
        4. Šiaulių Bankas
        5. Medicinos Bankas
      4. Finnish bank links
        1. Nordea
        2. OP Pankki
    2. The payment takes place outside of the e-shop in the safe Montonio Finance OÜ online environment. The seller does not have access to Client’s bank and credit card details.
    3. After a successful payment Client will receive a conformation e-mail. The successful payment will also be visible in the detailed view of the order, where Client will be directed after choosing “back to the merchant”
    4. In case the payment is not successful contact iseteenindus.trismile.ee environment.
    5. Invoice for the order will be available to download in the detailed view of the order after a successful payment


    1. As iseteenindus.triatloniakadeemia.ee sells so called virtual digital products (sports event participations), there will be no direct shipment.
    2. The conformation of a successful order is the Clients name appearing in the event start list.
    1. As iseteenindus.trismile.ee environment sells digital products, they cannot be returned, because the order has taken place with the Client’s clear conformation and there is no material product.
    2. However, in agreement with the event organizer it is possible to cancel one’s registration and the possibility and amount of refunds is regulated by the rules and regulations of the event.
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