General and purchase conditions

    1. These ruled regulate the purchase and selling acts done in the iseteenindus.triatloniakadeemia.ee environment. Other legal relations are regulated by the legal acts of the Republic of Estonia.
    2. Iseteenindus.triatloniakadeemia.ee provides registrations to several competitive events.
    3. The registration fees of the evets and set by the organizer and the organizer has the right to change at any time.
    4. Iseteenindus.triatloniakadeemia.ee environment has the right to change the conditions of purchasing at any time. The changes and additions in the conditions and fees come into force at the time they are published. If the buyer confirms their order before the changes come into force, the conditions in force at the moment of the conformation of the order will apply.
    5. All prices in iseteenindus.triatloniakadeemia.ee system are in Euros.
    1. To make an order one must first fill in the registration form (participant’s details, contact information and information regarding the competition)
    2. Next you can decide to whom the order will be sent to and whether you want an invoice or not.
    3. Before confirming the order make sure that all data is correct to avoid misunderstandings afterwards.
    4. After confirming the order, choose the most suitable payment option.
    5. Participants will be added to the start list after receiving the payment.
    1. The Seller uses the details of the Client only to fulfil the purchase. The details submitted by the Client will be used confidentially and will not be forwarded to third parties, expect contractual partner of the organizer who are authorized to provide services for the sports event and to third persons in cases regulated by the law.
    2. The one who violates the contract agrees to refund direct material damage. Unreceived profit, any immaterial damage and indirect damages (including damages, that occurred due to the Client halting their actions or due to the consequences of errors in them, damages to third persons, damages caused by losing a chance to make a contract or other profit, etc)
    3. Both sides agree that the seller is not responsible when:
      1. The non-conformances have occurred after accidental destruction and the risk of damages has gone over to the buyer.
      2. The buyer would have been able to responsibly avoid or lessen the damages that that came from the infringement
      3. The damages of the infringement are covered by insurance.
      4. The damage was caused by the buyer’s or their associates’ actions or inactions, or circumstances consequent from the buyer or other events, where the risk is taken by the buyer.
      5. The buyer new or had to know about the defective product, when it was delivered to them, but did not reveal it to the seller.
    4. The seller’s whole responsibility to whatever the buyer’s claim (including the possible compensatory damages, overdue charges, fines, etc.) is limited to the cost, that is equal to the price paid by the buyer. The limits are not affective when one side deliberately violates the contract.
    5. The questions unanswered in the conditions will be solved according to the legal act effective in the Republic of Estonia.
    6. All disputes will try to be solved with negotiations. If an agreement is not reached the buyer has the right to turn to The Consumer Protection Board of Estonia or County court. Disputes will be solved according to the legal act effective in the Republic of Estonia.
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