Customer Data Processing Principles

NGO Triatloniakadeemia (company code 80604924)


    1. The principles, based on what NGO Triatloniakadeemia processes Customer’s data, is described in the following document (from now on Principles)
    2. Principles are applied, when Customer uses, has used or has requested to use the services provided by NGO Triatloniakadeemia or relates to the services in other ways.
    3. NGO Triatloniakadeemia collects and processes Customers’ data only to the extent necessary to participate in the events organized by NGO Triatloniakadeemia and to provide the best service to their Customers.
    4. By registering to a NGO Triatloniakadeemia event, meaning becoming a Customer of NGO Triatloniakadeemia or requesting to become a Customer, you will agree to your data being processed according to the conditions and rules set in the Principles.
    5. NGO Triatloniakadeemia keeps personal data strictly confidential and protects it from getting into the hands of third persons illegally with effective info technological security measures and insures the lawfulness of the processing of Customers’ data.
    6. NGO Triatloniakadeemia has the right to make changes in the Customer Data Processing Principles, informing the Customers at least 1 (one) month before the changes come into force on the webpage www.triatloniakadeemia.ee, except when the Principles are changed only due to changes in legal acts.
    7. NGO Triatloniakadeemia has the right to use authorized personal for processing Customers’ data. In these circumstances NGO Triatloniakadeemia ensures that the personal will process the Customer data according to the instructions of NGO Triatloniakadeemia and applied rights and will use diligent security measures.
    8. NGO Triatloniakadeemia has the right to send campaign offers to their Customers by themselves or their partners and send satisfaction polls to improve the quality of the services if the Customer agrees to it. Customers have the right to refuse previously mentioned offers and poll by contacting NGO Triatloniakadeemia.
  2. TERMS
    1. Personal data – data of an identified or identifiable natural person that come up in the process of offering or mediating services.
    2. Customer’s data – any information that is knows about the Customers, including personal details (e.g. name, personal code, contact information, etc.) and the details of the service.
    3. Processing Customer’s Data – any action taken in regard of the Customer’s Data, including collecting, storing, changing, giving access to, making inquiries about, using, forwarding and erasing Customer’s Data.
    4. Customer relations – legal relations between Customer and NGO Triatloniakadeemia, when the Customer uses, has used or has requested to use some services by NGO Triatloniakadeemia
    5. Customer – any natural or juridical person, who uses or has requested to use services by NGO Triatloniakadeemia.
    6. Services – sports events organized by NGO Triatloniakadeemia and activities associated with them.
    7. Service details – details about the Customer that have come up by providing the service, mostly details of registering to sports events.
    1. NGO Triatloniakadeemia processes Customer’s data, that have come up during Customer relations or by person’s registration as a NGO Triatloniakadeemia Customer. Customer’s data will not be distributed to third persons; except when the need to do so comes from proving a service by NGO Triatloniakadeemia (e.g. timing partner), when we a obligated by the law, when the Customer has given permission to distribute their data or when the need to distribute their data is caused by the Customer violating their contract (e.g. debt collecting services).
    2. NGO Triatloniakadeemia forwards personal data necessary for making the payment for the order to an authorized processor Montonio Finance OÜ, whose payment solutions are used by NGO Triatloniakadeemia.
    3. NGO Triatloniakadeemia processes Customer’s Data to:
      1. Offer Customers a chance to use NGO Triatloniakadeemia’s services (participate in sports events).
      2.  Fulfil obligations taken by providing services to Customers
      3.  Give important information to Customers about providing the service (e.g. participant’s race number, changes in the start times, extreme weather conditions, etc.)
      4. Gain a better understanding about the Customer’s expectations for the service, evaluate Customer’s experiences and quality of the services (e.g. Customer poll, consumer surveys, etc.)
      5.  Analyse Customer groups and/or the usage of the service and making reports.
      6.  Fulfil obligations set by the legal acts of the Republic of Estonia
    4. The personal data processed by NGO Triatloniakadeemia are the Customer’s first and last name, personal code, nationality, place of residence (county/city/municipality), sex, phone number, e-mail address, service consumption and activities associated with providing the service.
    1. NGO Triatloniakadeemia has the right to save and store all notifications made and orders given by all communication means (e-mail, phone, etc.) and other Customer activities (e.g. actions in the online environment, in the race centre) and if necessary, use them to prove the activities.
    2. NGO Triatloniakadeemia has the right to monitor their territory (e.g. race centre, start area) by the means of monitoring devices to ensure security. This includes monitoring people, things, processes and saving the results of the monitoring. This information will only be used based on the goal of collecting the information.
    3. The recording of the monitoring devices can be used to defend the rights of NGO Triatloniakadeemia and fulfilling responsibilities and to prove the Customer’s actions and/or wrongful doings and/or caused damage.
    1. Customers have the right to access their personal data and any information associated with them (e.g. registrations to events, results, etc.) at any time. Additionally, Customers have the right to request the changing or erasing of their details at any time (if they have changed or are incorrect due to other reasons).
    2. NGO Triatloniakadeemia assures, that:
      1. They protect Customer’s data with appropriate security measures and confidentiality rules and have taken every measure to protect the Customer’s data.
      2.  Their employees are knowledgeable of the personal data protection principles and the obligations to keep them a secret and are responsible in case of violations of these obligations.
      3.  Their employees have the right to process Customer’s data only to complete their work tasks.
      4.  Without the need from work assignments processing Customer’s data, including looking at Customer’s data, is forbidden.
      5.  Demands that all partners, who they associate with in processing Customer’s data (e.g. IT, timing service providers), follow the same Customer’s data processing principles.
    3. In case the Customer finds that their data’s processing is not allowed by the legal acts, contract made with them or set principles, they have the right to demand ending processing, publishing and/or accessing their data.
    4. NGO Triatloniakadeemia processes Customer’s data until the goals of processing the data are achieved or they are obligated by legal acts.
    5. If the Customer finds that NGO Triatloniakadeemia has violated their rights on processing Customer’s data, then they have the right to turn to the customer service to end the violation by contacting info@triatloniakadeemia.ee.
    6. Customer has the right to turn to Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate or court.
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